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Message of Motivation
The "NOT YET" view on Life

Think back when you first started making goals for yourself. Now think of everything that has caused you to put those goals on the shelf.

Some say they will go back to school, start a business, write a book, organize a support group, volunteer for a charity then later reason that they are unable to pull it off, due to time restraints, money, work, family, etc. As far as not having the time, how much has passed since the vow was made to accomplish a specific goal?

This is where prioritizing and scheduling come into play. If you're not careful, excuses will eventually convince you that you can't relax and enjoy life. There is no certain time or guarantee that things will get better, especially those issues beyond your control.

Why fixate on all those things wrong in your life? Doing so, you become blind to opportunities and fail to take actions that lead to change. This view is very costly and unpleasant. Don't believe me? Recall the way you felt last time you thought about your untouched dreams? When you hold yourself back for so long, the preparation to have fun and create experiences becomes so taunting, you don't even want to get started.

These are spoken examples:

I will be ready to reach my goals when the kids grow up, I eliminate my debt, when I find a supportive friend, when my marriage is perfect, when someone pats me on the back, when I get the recognition I deserve, when I have more money in savings, and when I get a degree!

Well how do I start? Begin by pursuing what you enjoy. Stop carrying the chains of problems. Get up, and get out. There are always pleasant things you can do, inspiring people you can meet, unknown places you can discover, and a world you can appreciate. No matter how Trapped you feel in your current situation, positive experiences await your presence. Do it now, or regret it tomorrow. Take the Limits Off Yourself!


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