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Atmosphere Ethics and Training was founded in August 2011 by Antoinette Randall, with a central focus on professional and personal development. Her extensive experience in sales and service was the fuel that sparked an urgency for her to establish a company that would change the way business is handled, in terms of professionalism. Regardless of education, people are still products of their situations and thoughts, which creates 'emotional' actions. Antoinette believed that through coaching, she could shine light on how personal life issues negatively impact job performance and vice versa. With the intent to give back, the first two A.E.T. workshops were held at Plant City High School, Antoinette's alma mater, where she received some of the very skills that she actively uses today.

  • A.ET. promotes the importance of and close adherence to the laws of professionalism and the code of ethics in any environment where efficiency is expected.

  • A.E.T. inspires individuals to rethink their existence! Attendees are motivated reignite their dreams by investing into and perfecting their gift, talent, and/or skills.

A.E.T. encourages ethical interactions among all those hired by and benefiting from sole proprietor, partnering and corporate companies. In order to give the best, the mind and body must be in accordance with positivity. One can expect to receive an intensive training geared towards professional and personal ethics overall. This is why our trainings are double-sided. Relevance and resilience requires a permanent commitment to represent yourself and company to the highest standard. Through intensive staff trainings, workshops, and video courses, individuals learn the necessary tools conducive to overall success and longevity.

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